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At Little Academy Nursery, we work hard to provide you with the meaningful balance that all parents seek in choosing a nursery: Your child’s happiness and an excellent, comprehensive early childhood educational program. Little Academy’s Mamoura branch was received with immense success in 2006, and thus presented us with the opportunity to open our second branch.

Our second branch opened in October 2017 at the convenient location of Markhiya and includes a French section, catering to the evolving and growing demand of our students and parents

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How Do I Develop My Child’s Senses?

How Do I Develop My Child’s Senses?

Children experience and acquire knowledge through their five senses. For babies, the world seems only a mixture of sounds,...

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“When will dinner be ready?” – Simple Steps to Teach Your Child the Concept of Time

“When will dinner be ready?” – Simple Steps to Teach...

As parents, we experience that young children always ask us questions such as “Is dinner ready?”, “Can I go...

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Nutrition & Clothing – Tips for a Safe Autumn for Your Child

Nutrition & Clothing – Tips for a Safe Autumn for...

When autumn begins, some children get sick due to sudden weather changes. Although a child will inevitably be exposed...

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“We are so lucky that Little Academy finally opened a second branch, in a perfect location for us! (We live in Shamal and work in Qatar foundation and HMC). I couldn’t tell who’s enjoying the nursery more, our son or us. We can see how happy he is and how many new things he’s learning every day. Many thanks for the more than fantastic team of Little Academy 2!”


Mom of 2 year-old Nizar

“I send both my children to Little Academy and would not hesitate to recommend the nursery to other parents. The standard of care given to the children is very high and they do wonderful activities whilst learning lots at the same time. Both my children are very settled and happy and thriving. My eldest daughter is due to start school soon and the nursery has prepared her very well both academically and socially. You could not ask for a better nursery.”


Mom of 1 year-old Dylan and 3-year-old Emily

“It is first time for my baby Kotaro to go to the nursery, so we were nervous at first. But Little academy’s stuff are all big smiling and warm and think deeply about Kotaro all the time! Amazing! So he can enjoy every day and I am so relieved during his stay. Honestly I can say, here is so safe and clean, and their communication and programs are great!! I really appreciate taking warm care of Kotaro! We’re so happy! Thank you so much!”

Kei Sato

Mom of 1-year old Kataro


Little Academy Nursery

Al Maadeed Street


Doha, Qatar

Little Academy Nursery

Al Semaih Street


Doha, Qatar

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7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m

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Pick-up 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m