Raising a Child with Great Values

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All parents want to raise their children to act based on a solid ground of great values. It goes without saying that it is the parents’ responsibility to try to instill these moral values in their children. As a first rule of thumb, you have to realize that your child’s behaviors are mainly a reflection of how you are leading your own life. Your child takes their cues from you, so be a good role model by understanding that everything you are exporting to them will have a long, lasting influence on them as individuals.

During their earliest years, reciprocated emotions are of the first things your children grow conscious to. It is important your child is exposed to an environment of love and affection to inculcate in them that love is the essence of any successful relationship.

They notice the way you, as a couple, talk to each other. They also can pick on the tone of your voices and understand whether it shows respect, or lack thereof, even if they are too young to understand everything said. You’ll most probably see your child reproduce your speaking patterns by mimicking the slightest of your gestures and repeating your own words, so make sure to teach them how to speak politely and respectfully by your own example.

It is also important that children see their parents apologize for their mistakes. That way, they won’t need to force their children to apologize for their mistakes as they’ll draw their own conclusions and perceive that a “sorry” is the natural consequence to a mistake they commit.

Honesty, as universally believed, is the best policy. It is a central value that leads to building other bonds of trust and gratitude at home. Simply put: lead by your own example and never tell lies. Be an honest parent and your children will just get used to one thing: there is only one way to go through life, and it is by being honest.

On the other hand, constant arguments and fights at home create great psychological pressures on your child. Their self-confidence will be shaken as they have to worry about your nervous reactions to everything they do or say.  Swearing and insulting will only contribute to raising profane, spoiled children. Your child will have no limits and might fail to understand the importance of respecting others.

Don’t let the overwhelming stress of life get to you and always remember to draw a smile on your child’s face. Let your children experience the real meaning of happiness and give whatever it takes for them to laugh. It is important that parents laugh in the presence of their children to help them feel at peace. You can watch comic clips together or play a funny game. A happy child at home is a child who feels safe, so never underestimate the changing power of joyful laughter.

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