Conquer Confusion and Confidently Choose the Right Nursery

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The summer holiday is over, and now it’s time to find an exceptional nursery for your exceptional baby. Questions race themselves into your head andyour ideas fall into an endless maze of confusion as you follow up with all the ads and ask friends about their experiences. If this perfectly describes how you are feeling right now, we advise you to keep calm and follow these simple tips to land on the best nursery for your child.

First, you need to know that if your baby is younger than a year,their needs will be focused ona clean, comfortable spaceforpersonal care, mealtimes and sleep. Playing is encourage by increasing tummy time and sensory activities which later on will be extended with arts, crafts and circle time.Asthey turn two, they’ll start to look for exciting toys and will grow the desire to learn some personal skills like ditching the nappy or eating on their own. At two years and a half of your child’s age, the importance to have a professional teacher arises to teach them sports, arts, languages, and behavioral skills.

Fortunately, if your child’s age rangesfrom four months to four years, you’ll find all their needs met at ‘Little Academy Nursery’ as we have clean, safe spaces, qualified teachers who are specialized in children education, a nutritionist, and a psychological counselor.

As you are trying to make up your mind and visit prospective nurseries, you need to have an eye on some details like the availability of natural light and fresh air, the appropriateness of the facilities and how child-friendly they are, especially the toilets. It is also essentialto check thatthe flooring and the furniture are safe and havehigh-impact resistancelike the ones we have at ‘Little Academy’ to ensure your child’s safety.In addition to the protectionsystems, the nursery’s colors and arrangements have to appeal to your child’s senses starting with the walls, the furniture, the floors, and all the colorsused to decorate the rooms.

Now as you approve of the external aspects of the nursery, get to the next level and check on the professionality of the administrative staff. It is important to ask about their specializations and practical experience. Ask about who supervises your baby’s nutrition and health and whether they have a nurse and a psychologist to follow up with the children’s physical and psychological well-being. Request to see some of their available educational materials like the toys and the stories.

One final matter that helps you judge the quality of the nursery is their communication with the parents and its frequency. Make sure the nursery of your choiceplaces high emphasis on regularcommunication with parents regarding the adopted education methods andyour child’s health.

Rest assured that your baby is in safe hands as we,at Little Academy,regard daily communication highly.Moreover, weset up regular meetings with our teachers, our nutritionist and health supervisor to guide parents towards developing their children’s skills and healthy habits. Because we believe that the first four years of their life are crucial to function better in the broader environment of the school, we attend to your children’s needs and grant them theopportunity to grow their social skills, make new friends, and interact with peers.

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