Creative Ideas to Make Healthy Food for Kids

Healthy food for kids
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As children begin to develop their own taste in food, their picky eating habits emerge. Also, your child’s preferences will most probably be limited to sweets and salty snacks. Picky eating could be compromising your child’s growth and development!! So that you have to take action to ensure that your child is well-fed and following a healthy diet plan. Today we would like to help you by suggesting some creative ideas to serve healthy food for kids and delicious at the same time.


Tips to Make Healthy Meals for Your Child

  • Nutrition-rich vegetables are of the most rejected foods; children assume they taste horrible even before trying them. However, what might be special and helpful about veggies is that they are colorful, a feature you can use to appeal to your child’s visual taste for a start.

  • You can make them a veggie soup and call it a catchy name like “the colorful soup”, or you can make some fresh juices like carrot or tomato juice. You can also make veggie pasties and shape them the way your child likes.

  • The way you serve food matters, so get creative with the presentation and make fun food for kids! Your child won’t resist eating his veggie boats.
    Get together into the kitchen and prepare potato boats filled with tomatoes. You can also try to make zucchini boats stuffed with cheese. Ask them if they prefer any kind of different boats, and acquire the habit of making fun food together.

  • Eggs are also unpopular among children, but they are essential to their growth during their preschool years. That’s why you have to cook and serve them in a variety of ways, so let the eggs be hard-boiled one time or pan-fried another.

  • You can also make an egg pie or use frying pans that have cute shapes like flower-shaped pans to get your child yummy-looking eggs. Also, be generous with flavors that can enhance the taste, so add thyme, cheese, or bell peppers.

  • You can motivate your child by saying “Let’s eat the yellow banana!” and “Now it’s the red apple’s turn.” Also, serve them fresh fruit juice more often. It is a good idea to use fruits as ingredients in low-sugar cakes and bakes.


Healthy Snacks for Kids !!

  • Children usually prefer unhealthy snacks like potato chips and candies which you can’t take away unless you find them delicious alternatives.

  • You can suggest preparing healthy snacks together. Let them listen to the corn as it pops, and serve their popcorn in an attractive bowl.

  • Boost the nutritional value of their snacks and serve your child nuts during playtime as they are rich in fiber and minerals. If your child falls for artificial juices or sweets, substitute them with fruit yogurts especially those that have fruit chunks.

  • What about fruits? Are they also on your child’s big “NO” list? You can cut fruits into small slices and put them on barbecue skewers so your child would eat them by himself on leisure.

As children spend most of their day at the nursery, cooperation with your child’s nursery is so essential; to ensure your child receives the right nutrition. Our fulltime nutritionist at Little Academy works with parents and offers them advice about how to include healthy habits into a child’s meals. She also supervises the children’s eating habits at the nursery and ensures serving only healthy food for kids

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