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Potty Training Tips

As professionals, we understand that potty training needs to be a joint effort from both parents and the nursery. This is why once you have the initiated toilet training process at home. We will support you here at the nursery. In order to be successful in this training process, it is important that both parents and staff are consistent in their techniques. Please remember that children develop at different rates, so when a child shows they are ready for potty training, jump at the opportunity. Generally, children may start to show signs of being ready for potty training tips around 18 months.

You might not even realize your child is showing signs of potty training so here are some Potty Training Tips to pay close attention to:

  • Is your child showing interest in the toilet or using/sitting on the toilet?

  • Do they know when they have a full or wet diaper?

  • Is their nappy dry for 1.5-2 hours or period of time?

  • Are they showing an understanding of why we use the toilet or how to use the toilet?

  • Are they able to push their clothes down and pull them back up independently?

The key to successful potty training is open communication. Please first discuss this process with your child’s teacher. Informing the teacher of the schedule for diaper changing/ bathroom breaks will significantly help the process. Once your child is beginning to show the above signs, approach your child’s teacher to discuss the next step, such as bringing pull-ups to the nursery.


Children Who are Potty Training

Our staff will always support you when you feel you want to help your child potty train. However, please remember that the nursery environment is different from your home environment, and some children may easily adjust in one environment but find it harder in another. If your child is successfully potty training at home, we will proceed to do the same at nursery. However, we also need your help. If your child is having more than two accidents a day, we will put a diaper back onto your child for hygienic reasons. Remember that accidents occur frequently, so when your child successfully uses the toilet or keeps a dry diaper, let them know how pleased you are. Our potty training rewards and certificates are sure to be a hit with your child!

If your child is continuously having accidents, you can either go back to nappies and try again at a later stage (try not to stop and start too often as this is confusing for the child) or keep trying and be prepared for a lot of laundry. If your child is not interested in potty training, don’t worry about it! Sooner or later, they will come to the decision to start themselves. We advise you to not put pressure on your child to start, and try not to let it get you down. Work through the process together by talking to your child and explaining how you would like them to use the toilet. Try to avoid frustration and negativity. Don’t forget that you can always talk to our staff members and other parents to get some tips, advice and coping strategies.