Settling in Tips

Little Academy Nursery aims to ensure your child’s introduction to our nursery is as stress-free as possible. So if your child is not used to be away from you, he/she will need a little time to settle into the nursery. All children react differently when in a new environment, in some cases, children may appear to settle easily. But after a couple of days they become tearful and reluctant to leave their parents. Also, each child will progress to independence in their own time.

It is important that Little Academy staff build friendly and productive relationships with both the child and parents. Also, our procedures are designed to support this.  We aim to work closely with parents and give Settling in Tips to make the transition  to nursery as smooth as possible. So we are allowing your child as much time as they need to settle. Moreover, We aim to achieve this by inviting you and your child to visit the nursery prior to your child’s start date.  Because we believe that it will help familiarize your child with the nursery, their teacher and the other children.

Little Academy Nursery’s settling in Tips and Procedures:

  • For the first day, one parent should stay at the nursery for the duration of a few hours in the morning with their child.

  • The second day is a settling in period. So the parent needs to step out of the class in order for the child’s settling in period to start.

  • The next 2-3 visits the child is left for 2-3 hours in the classroom without the parents.  Then Parents, relatives, and nannies should  leave the Nursery premises in order for the child to leave their classroom and transport to various indoor and outdoor areas without distraction. Little Academy staff are extremely experienced in helping children to settle so please ask for advice if you are unsure at any stage.

  • We encourage parents to send their child with a favorite book or toy from home during this adjustment period. As this reminder of home will make your childe more comfortable.

  • If during the first few days a child is extremely upset and a teacher is unable to settle him/her for the day, we will then contact parents to come.


After Settling In period:

  • We encourage parents to be open and honest with their child when leaving as slipping away can be distressing for them. We also advise that you leave straight away once informing your child, as it is much harder for them if you are hovering around or hesitant to leave.

  • There is no set time in which a child will settle into the new environment. Some may easily adjust while others may have some difficulty. The classroom teacher will always give honest feedback on the settling process and will inform you if the settling in phase needs to be altered in any way.

  • Once your child has settled, we still emphasize the routine of leaving right after saying goodbye on arrival days. Even though this may be difficult. This is important as to not disrupt the classroom routine or create any further setbacks in the settling in process.

  • Little Academy Nursery appreciates that this can also be a stressful and upsetting time for parents. However, parents should leave the class when the teacher advises to do.

  • Our cameras in reception are only for short viewings during drop off / pick up during the day.

  • Parents are welcome to call any time to check on their children. Especially during the settling in period, where our staff will be more than happy to provide an update.