The role of the father in the lives of children and virtual learning – International Father’s Day

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The role of the father is no less important than the role of the mother in raising children, so that the relationship between the father and his child in early childhood is essential and necessary to some extent.  The child’s relationship with his mother is present in the womb and develops after birth, but the relationship with the father begins gradually in the postpartum stage.  There are researches that confirm that the father’s participation in raising his children from birth and spending time with them brings many benefits to the child’s health in general.

It is known that the father’s personality and style are different from the mother, of course, and his participation in the education process leads to imposing discipline and strengthening laws at home.  In addition to his direct contribution to language learning, cognitive ability, social skills, and academic achievement of his children.

Children consider their Father as a role model and proud example to follow and proud of their accomplishments, and when the father cooperates well with the mother, the child can grow up to become a happy and healthy human being in terms of emotional and mental.

Little Academy Nursery is proud of the father’s role in the lives of his children by encouraging them to permanently communicate with us and their participation in the entire educational process for their children, whether directly or through virtual learning via the Internet, participation in various activities between each father-child strengthens the relationship between them.

In appreciation of the father’s role in the child’s life and on the occasion of the international Father’s Day, Little Academy nursery has developed a set of activities offered via the Internet or a virtual distance learning program that the child can do with his father from home.  For more information about these activities, contact us today!


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